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  • August 28 and 29, 2021: Information booth at the Kreuzviertelfest Muenster  -  if possible
  • September 7,2021,7pm: Members' meeting  -  if possible
  • April 3, 2022: 6. pro filia art auction. Presentation 11am-2pm, auction 2pm. FH Muenster, MSD,
    Leonardo-Campus 6  

Corona emergency aid in Nepal

Desperate emails from our cooperation partners in Nepal - Maiti and the INF - reach pro filia: The corona situation there is devastating, a disaster! Many workers are returning from India - out of fear of the huge wave of corona there. They bring the virus with them. The health system in Nepal has collapsed - there is a lack of everything. The survival of many people is at risk! Now,pro filia is financing an emergency aid programme:

  • A quarantine station for girls/young women living with Maiti or to be taken in, for children from the Maiti Child Protection Centre, for unemployed former Maiti residents and for other victims of domestic violence, sexual exploitation, rape or human trafficking.
  • An isolation center for positive tested girls/women from these groups. Medical treatment is offered here and oxygen and respiratory equipment is also provided.

pro filia participation in the WN Christmas fundraising campaign 2020

As one of four projects, pro filia's mother and baby project was selected for the Christmas donation campaign of the Westfälische Nachrichten. This means that until Christmas, several articles about our activities in Nepal were published and readers donated to it. The WN Christmas donation campaign generated around 100.000 €!

Training as a nurse's assistent 

In 2020, pro filia has set up a new offer - training as a nurse's assistent in a hospital run by the NGO INF in Pokhara. Despite the corona crisis, 10 young women completed two training courses. Four of them were subsequently given a job in the hospital for at least 10 months. We hope to continue this offer in 2021.

Federal Cross of Merit

Federal Cross of Merit

On 4.12.2019, the Lord Mayor of Münster, Markus Lewe, presented the Federal Cross of Merit to pro filia Director Johanne Feldkamp on behalf of the Federal President. Together with friends, she founded the non-profit association pro filia in 2008 with the aim of protecting as many Nepalese girls as possible from enslavement and supporting them in building a dignified life.

Federal Cross of Merit


Home for single mothers and their babies


During our visit of our projects in 2018 we met a 15-year-old girl in the transit home, pregnant after rape. There are hardly any offers of help for these women in Nepal. pro filia decided to set up a home for single mothers and their newborn babies.The first women were welcomed into the home in May 2019.

pro filia art auction

art auction 2019

It was a great success! Hundreds of visitors crowded into the exhibition hall of the Department of Design at the FH Münster to see the 79 works of 38 artists! And about 85 % of the works were auctioned in the name of these artists - we are very happy about the result!

art auction 2019


10 years pro filia

10 years ago pro filia was founded. During this time we were able to support more than 10.000 Nepalese girls on their way to a dignified life! We are very happy about this wonderful result of our engagement!
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Visit of projects in 2018

In November 2018 we returned to Nepal for another visit our projects along the Nepalese-Indian border. For one week we travelled bad roads with old cars and often reckless drivers, between rickshaws, mopeds, pedestrians and holy cows! At the projects themselves we once more had very touching encounters. And we could observe a certain snowball effect we had been hoping for: We saw, for instance, tailoresses that had previously been educated by MAITI Nepal and pro filia, offering tailorings courses to young girls in their workshops!
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Yoga summer 2018

Leben&Reisen organized the 4. Yoga Summer for the benefit of pro filia and donated round about 3.000 €! We are very happy about this wonderful result!



Successful pro filia auction

On Sunday, April 2, 2017 the 4th pro filia art auction for the benefit of enslaved Nepalese gilrs took place at the Muenster college of art. 45 artists provided 89 pictures, photographs and sculptures 62 of which were purchased at the auction. The donations made will allow us to fund our shelter house in Nepal for one year thus giving 400 - 500 rescued girls the chance to lead a humane life. We are very happy about this success and would like to thank all helpers, supporters and buyers who made this result possible.



Visit in Nepal

For the first time since the crisis-
ridden year 2015, the manager of pro
filia travelled to Nepal,again
accompanied by a member of the
board.They had very emotional,
deeply moving encounters with the
girls under the care of the
rehabilitation home and shelter house.
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visit in Nepal

Current situation in Nepal

Currently, the country suffers from two massive problems: consequences from the earthquake and outbreaks of violence after adoption of a new constitution. more


Earthquake in Nepal

The terrifying earthquake in Nepal has a major impact also on our projects. Therefore, we launch an appeal for donations! And you will found here the actual news.

News in brief

The pro filia art auction will come soon! The preparations are running at full speed!

The emotional and deeply moving visit of our projects in Nepal showd us that the activities of pro filia makes sense and the money is well spent!

We are preparing our next visit of the pro filia projects - in October we will start again to Nepal.

The situation in Nepal has eased off slightly, reconstruction is starting gradually and essentials like cooking gas and petrol are brought into the country.

In January 2016 the Nepalese Parliament decrees an act for reconstruction after earthquake - 9 months afterwards.

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Boarder guards

Detailed reports

Border guards

The border guards are young women who survived the time in brothel, were trained by our Nepalese partner organisation MAITI and who receive a job directly at bustling border crossing points into Inda. Based on their own experience, they contact girls who appear to them to be in danger to be sold to an Indian brothel and offer them the shelter house - the transit home -  as an immediately available save haven.
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Shelter houses for Nepalese girls

Since 2009, pro filia has supported shelter houses for Nepalese girls who had been sold to Indian brothels or were in danger being sold. At the beginning of the cooperation with our Nepales partner organisation MAITI, the shelter house in Bhairahawa was financed on a prorated base, since November 2010 the shelter house Pashupatinagar has been financed in full. Border observers transfer jeopardized girls directly before the border crossing into India to this safe house. But also returnees freed from Indian brothels will find support here. All are given board and lodging, food, medical and psychological support.
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For further pro filia projects such as the rehabilitation home and the PC training for saved girls, please refer to the menu item "Projects".


Transparent presentation
of our work incl. balances

In Germany, there are no uniform reporting requirements for non-profit organisations. We, however, feel obliged to inform members, donors and other supporters about both the structure and the finances and activities of pro filia e.V. in a transparent manner. For this reason, we decided to undersign the self-commitment declaration initiated by Transparency International Deutschland e.V. and prepared by Initiative Transparent Civil Society and to publish the information presented in 10 subjects, on our Website.

Here, will also find the financial statements with information on the income and expenditures of pro filia.

Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft
> Voluntary declaration of commitment 2020 (PDF)


2020 - the latest figures from our work

  • pro filia has funded two Quarantine centres in Nepal, where 57 rescued girls and young women were staying in 2020 - seven of them with their own child.

  • Most of the awareness campaigns could not be carried out because of Corona. Some of them were broadcasted digitally via radio and television.

  • During the Corona-free period, 47 border police officers, 95 pupils, students and teachers were informed about human trafficking and ways to get help.

  • Key persons such as newly elected politicians, journalists and government officials were informed about the issue.

  • In the first quarter of 2020, 82 young girls were stopped by border guards at the Indian border in Pashupatinagar alone. Then it came to the corona-related closure of the borders.

  • In the last quarter of 2020, however, the border guards organised controls at secret routes into India together with border police officers. 21 young girls could thus be stopped away from the official but closed border crossing!

  • In 2020, the home successfully intervened with a total of 82 girls/young women - eight of whom were 14 years old or younger - and thus saved them from the danger of being sold. Then the border was closed.

  • Because of Corona, only 17 girls could be cared for in the rehabilitation home. They received a lot of information regarding their future everyday life - such as protection against HIV, dangers of early marriage, birth control, women's rights, possibilities of help and protection against human trafficking.

  • In 2020, despite Corona, a total of 11 single pregnant girls/women and mothers and their 11 babies were in our mother-baby home. Their ages ranged between 14 and 25 years - on average they were 18 years old.

  • At the rehabilitation home, 17 girls were given the opportunity to train as tailors.

  • 10 girls/young women completed the training to become nurse's aides. All of them finished the course regularly.

  • 3 young women became e-rickshaw drivers.

  • There are currently a total of 8 typing offices.

  • The existing ten tailoring shops are also working.

  • 8 out of 10 nurse's aides found jobs or entered further training.

  • In order for the e-rickshaw drivers to be able to work professionally and earn their own money, pro filia transferred the money for 75% of the purchase costs of 3 e-rickshaws. The women finance the remaining 25% through a bank loan, which they pay off from their income.


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