Building bridges for girls

Our goals

pro filia aims to provide education and health services to girls in countries where they face serious physiological, psychological or social disadvantage due to a country's prevalent cultural or religious traditions. At present pro filia focuses specifically on the support of Nepalese girls who have been trafficked into Indian brothels or are in danger of being so trafficked.
pro filia is an accredited charity, of course; and all our work is done on a voluntary basis. Moreover, our administrative costs are sponsored by contributing companies or covered by the executive committee and its directors. This means EVERY EURO donated by you will get to disadvantaged girls we help.

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Our cooperation partner in Germany

pro filia cooperates with the Soroptimist Clubs Münster-Mauritz.The SI-Club organizes many actions and campaigns and collects donations for the pro filia projects.

Unsere Kooperationspartnerinnen in Europa
Representatives of the Soroptimist Clubs Münster-Mauritz (Germany), Rhenen/Veenendaal (Netherlands) and pro filia agree a cooperation
ueber pro filia

Our work

pro filia gives disadvantaged girls in Nepal the chance to lead a self-determined life. And it is supported in this endeavour by the Nepalese non-governmental organization MAITI. Currently, we jointly fund a shelter at the border to India in which girls are protected from being sold into Indian prostitution. The shelter also provides refuge for girls who manage to escape sexual slavery in India, returning to Nepal with little-to-no prospects. We give these girls medical and psychological care, as well as straightforward education and vocational training.

Our partners in Nepal

It has always been our firm belief that we can only provide effective aid to Nepalese girls if we cooperate closely with MAITI; for MAITI is the one accredited Nepalese NGO with extensive knowledge not only of the needs and challenges faced by Nepalese girls, but also with extensive knowledge of the possibilities within Nepalese society for meeting those needs and challenges. For this reason, we work very closely with MAITI ("House of the Mother" in Nepalese). And we note that the organization has itself been commended for its work by the UN.

MAITI was founded in 1993. It is a large NGO with more than 150 staff, including medical professionals, social workers and lawyers. MAITI’s objectives are to combat the sex trafficking of girls and young women in Nepal, to provide help for the victims of such trafficking, and to provide alternatives paths in life for potential victims of sex slavery.  MAITI’s efforts include information campaigns done through dance and theatre performances in Nepalese villages, as well as the financing and operating shelters, clinics and hospices for traumatized victims of sex trafficking. MAITI actively presses charges against the perpetrators of sex trafficking, and provides free legal support to its victims.

Signing of the contract for co-operation 13.10.2009 in Kathmandu
Signing of the contract for co-operation
13.10.2009 in Kathmandu

pro filia and MAITI signed a contract of co-operation on 13.10.2009. The contract specifies the particular provisions of support financed by pro filia, and it defines the so-called "quantitative output": how many girls are to be supported, with which sort of opportunities and offers over a three-year period, and so on. For example  -  during these first three years, the aim is to provide a total of yearly 350 girls and young women with accommodation, advice and medical care.

Moreover, the contract signed by pro filia and MAITI outlines qualitative requirements as well as quantitative ones: that the shelter be under the management of relevant experts, that clear boundaries be maintained between carers and girls cared for, that finances are transparent, and so on. Indeed the contract stipulates that regular progress reports and related documentation be made by MAITI: for instance, it is stipulated that MAITI shall receive the next agreed instalment of money only if pro filia receives a progress report along with appropriate documentation concerning the previous six months. In this way pro filia contractually maintains appropriate oversight on the monies it sends to MAITI.

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