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Border guards

Border guards

The border guards are particularly dear to our hearts. The majority of them survived the hard times in the brothels and now have a chance to build up an independent and decent life. pro filia paid for the training of 32 border guards. The photo shows them holding their final certificates. For the first time in their life, they have a workplace of their own and they can structure their daily life on independent basis.

Besides this rehabilitative aspect, it is a very important factor for us that the border guards provide excellent preventive work. Due to their own experience, they have developed an eye for girls whom they consider as being jeopardized due to gestures, statements, clothes and behavior to be lured to India under false pretensions and to be sold there into a brothel. This way, they influence the girls with the information and help provided in a very credible way. One border guard manages to place an average of 50 girls directly from the border in a shelter thus saving them from enslavement.

Currently, pro filia pays the salaries of 35 border guards and thus offers nearly 1750 girls the opportunity to lead an independent life.

They also make clear that the girl contacted will not only be able to live and get food here but is offered long-term perspectives such as attendance at school and learning a profession. The border guards are supported by the customs officers sending girls to them who caught their eye. pro filia pays the expenses for education and salaries of border guards.