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Manuel Trüdinger



Dr. Johanne Feldkamp
Co-founder and member of the executive committee of pro filia e.V.
Psychotherapist and social manager.



Executive Committee


Mechthild Spener
Co-founder and member of the executive committee of pro filia e.V.
Director of SKG ceramic colours and glazes GmbH, Münster

“When my friend of many years Hanne Feldkamp asked me whether I wanted to participate in pro filia, it was immediately clear to me that I would say yes. On the one hand, after having focussed on building my career and family, I had been feeling that it was time to get involved somehow and contribute to society in the larger sense. On the other hand, I knew that pro filia uses money and voluntary work in a maximally efficient way to benefit those it seeks to help. To this day I am impressed by how well this organization is run: with so much competence and professionalism, but also full of love and personal commitment.“



Brigitte Wierling
Co-founder and member of the executive committee of pro filia e.V.
Personal Assistant in an industrial company in Münster

“The conditions of life in Nepal which I saw first-hand during a trip to Nepal in 2005 have left an indelible impression on me.  pro filia’s goal to provide disadvantaged girls and women with the opportunity to lead a self-determined life has motivated me to do voluntary work within this organization. To go to school, to receive vocational training, or learn a trade and hence to be able to look to the future with self-confidence cannot be taken for granted in many countries even today.”


Ina Specht
Member of the executive committee of pro filia e.V.
Master of Arts, Architecture

„The world is full of pictures, reports and stories reporting on injustice. Often, I only responded with consternation before I decided to become active. There are many different ways to change small and smallest things for the better. For me, it is important to engage in a small association where the structures are sufficiently clear and where I experience up close the effects of my own activities.“

“In past years, I have so often encountered discrimination against girls and women in Germany. For instance, until 1977 it was within the legal rights of husbands to forbid their wives to work. My sense of the great injustice regarding women’s standing in society was further increased when travelling through African and Asian countries. Out of deep rage and pain emerged a desire to actively contribute to providing girls with opportunities for a self-determined life. I want to focus particularly on countries such as Nepal which have entire regions where girls are forced to live without human dignity – where they are sometimes not allowed to live at all simply because they are girls.”



Josef Humbert
Co-founder and member of the executive committee of pro filia e.V.
Editor in Chief of the online editorial team of Materna-Newmedia

“I have always wanted to do voluntary work. Among other things, because I feel that I am fortunate to live a charmed life compared to most. At pro filia I can put my ideas of voluntary work into practice in a wonderfully direct manner – I think this organization simply ‘gets it right’ in all respects. And this way I can make a small contribution to help abused and enslaved girls in Nepal.”




Bernd Brixius
Co-founder and member of the executive committee of pro filia e.V.
Director of praepaed Institute

“In day-to-day life, as well as when travelling through many different parts of the world – including Europe – I have again and again witnessed instances of inequality between men and women. These encounters have moved and outraged me deeply. I hope that my work at pro filia is one more ‘drop in the bucket’ which together with others helps make progress in the right direction and which eventually contributes to more justice in the world.”


Jan Sprünken
Member of the executive committee of pro filia e.V.
Art historian, project manager Rad Race

„Time and again, I came to ask myself whether it is sufficient to have just a certain opinion on topics such as equal rights and the right of self-determination and equal opportunities. After many years of passivity, I am glad to feel after the foundation of pro filia that I have cleared all my doubts and overcome the social laziness at least to some extent. pro filia here offers the chance to play an active role on different levels. Ideas and the support of actions are just as sought after as a strictly financial commitment.“