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Life skills training for vulnerable girls

Many Nepalese girls work in the bar and restaurant business, almost always without qualifications and most of the time without being able to read or write. They usually feel completely dependent on their employer and they earn very little money. Because of this they are easily seduced by seemingly attractive offers of work in India and they often end up enslaved in an Indian brothel. MAITI takes this situation as a starting point for their life skills training sessions. 

In June 2010, pro filia has sponsored training sessions for 19 young women and girls in and around Bhairahawa. They were informed about the dangers of becoming victims of trafficking, they worked on developing mechanisms of protecting themselves, they created an invaluable network of support amongst each other, so that they can obtain help in emergencies and they undertook to spread the word about the dangers of sex trafficking among their colleagues. In addition, they received advice and information about how to manage their own daily lives on their own, about how to articulate their own needs and about how to find support for these from their colleagues.