Results of the campaign

Übergabe der Unterschriftenlisten an Christoph Strässer
Human right representative C. Strässer receiving the pro filia petition – nearly 3500 signatures against the mass murder of Indian baby girls 

On 28.8.2014, pro filia representatives presented Christoph Strässer, Human Rights representative of the German government, a copy of the petition which protests against the mass murder of female new borns, girls and women in India  with nearly 3500 signatures. In it, the German government is requested 

  • to exert pressure onto the Indian government to pass laws for the protection of the female population, to ensure their implementation and to pursue and sentence offenders and 
  • to link up its development aid programs to the compliance with human rights and to oblige German commercial enterprises to maintain the UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights.
Christoph Strässer promised to pursue these goals actively with the German government by 

  • introducing this subject on mass murder of girls and women in India more effectively in the discussions in the German Bundestag and 
  • to contact the Indian embassy to invite the embassador for a discussion on the subject. 
In addition, Christoph Strässer is optimistic that the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rigts will be implemented in Germany within the next two years. 
The pro filia petition together with the original signatures was handed over to the Indian embassy in Berlin on 29.8.2014.

[pro filia Press release (in german) – PDF Download]
Übergabe Unterschriften vor Indischer Botschaft

pro filia petition handed over to the Indian embassy in Berlin – nearly 3500 signatures against mass murder of baby girls

On 29.8.2014, pro filia representatives handed over a petition to an Indian embassy representative which protests with nearly 3500 signatures against the mass murder of female new borns, girls and women in India. In it, the Indian government is requested:

  • Stop the mass killing of female newborns, girls and women!
  • Pass protection acts for girls and women and ensure the consist implementation of the legislation!
  • Pursue and sentence the offenders!

Associated with the petition delivery was a campaign in which puppets were used to demonstrate how female newborns frequently are choked to death with sand in India. Unfortunately, the Indian embassy had not responded to appointment inquiries for the petition delivery. Likewise - during the action in front of the embassy – it is made possible only after a lengthy discussion with the doorman to hand over the signature folder to a staff member of the political department – in front of the building and without any acknowledgment of receipt. In pro filia´s opinion, this approach also demonstrates how India frequently treats the subject of massive violence against girls and women - by ignoring, trivializing, with aggression, by concealing and by blaming the women themselves. On the occasion of the petition delivery, the human rights representative of the German government, Christoph Strässer, promises to invite the Indian ambassador for a discussion on this subject.In India, mass murders on female newborns, girls and women happen just as mass rapes do. There are, indeed, some laws for the protection of the female population. But both the Indian government as well as the judiciary and the police over and again them or fail in implementing them or pursuing the offenders. Meanwhile, the gender ratio has changed severely at the expense of the female population: currently, there are 20 % more men than women. The consequences are an even stronger rise in the number of rapes and slavery, e.g., of Nepalese girls in Indian brothels.

[pro filia Press release (in german) - PDF Download]