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> 2011


Shelter houses and border guards

  • 47 000 lorries, cars and rickshaws  inspected at the border checkpoint in Pashupatinagar
  • 1397 girls were provided with information about the dangers of human trafficking right at the border checkpoint. 
  • 507 girls were intercepted at the border  -  400 of these girls have since returned home;  107 remain in the shelter  Pashupatinagar for now.
  • Provision of medical, psychological and social care for these girls
  • Assistance in developing plans for their next steps towards a self-determined life and subsequent placement in further care or vocational training facilities.
  • Arrangement of return journey into the shelter house for 12 girls freed from Indian brothels
  • 21 victims of domestic violence and 3 rape victims were given accommodation in the shelter house
  • About 750 girls were placed in further MAITI-run shelter houses after intervention by border guards directly at various border checkpoints to India.
  • Refurbishment of the common room in the shelter house  Pashupatinagar.

Campaigns to raise awareness

In the Pashupatinagar region:

  • Information and education provided to 1421 persons.
  • Orientation programmes to 115 adolescent girls on the issue of human trafficking and gender violence.
  • Building of help networks in villages for more protection and less discrimination of single women.
  • 5-days training on “Leadership development” for 32 women.
  • Sensitization programme to 99 female workers at a tea plantation.
  • Training of 31 hotel owners and drivers concerning the problem of trafficking girls.
  • Orientation to 70 policemen and customs guards.
  • Organisation of a networking meeting on the international women’s day with 40 participants.
  • Information event with 50 participants in key positions in the local society.
  • Information week with the topic “Equal access to education for girls” with 500 participants.
  • Mass rally at the National Anti-trafficking Day with the participation of 450 people from various NGOs, GOs, schools and local clubs.

In the Bhairahawa region:

  • 50 households provided with information via personal conversation
  • 90 young adults and teenagers in a small town provided with information
  • In total 7 500 people in Butwal  and 300 people in Sunauli  are reached through public demonstrations, large-scale events, street theatre, information stalls at local markets, etc.

Rehabilitation center Itahari

  • Reunited 15 of 31 persons reported missing, with their families
  • Solved 3 cases of domestic violence
  • Provided six-month empowerment training in sustainable livelihoods in tailoring, needlework and boutique work to 36 girls.