Report February 2010

How are things looking for pro filia in February 2010?

pro filia e.V. has received many donations in the last two months:
On the one hand, many people willing to help have donated money especially during the holiday season. On the other hand, there have been a number of events where any profits were passed on to pro filia:

— On several birthday parties, guests were asked to donate to pro filia instead of bringing a personal gift. 
— A jewellery sale dedicated a percentage of its profits to pro filia. 
— Young people sold home-made cakes after a church service to support pro filia’s work.
— A party and event service donated their total profits of a lunchtime sale to pro filia. 

Our membership continues to increase: We now have 48 members! In addition there are many helping hands that provide valuable work and support. 

Because of these donations and rising membership, we are now in a position to support girls in Nepal - both those in danger of being trafficked and victims of trafficking - even more substantially than we expected. 

Support activities and events:
In November we transferred the contractually agreed sum for the period from 1.11.2009 to 30.4.2010 in aid of "our" shelter in Bhairahawa to MAITI.

In Januar 2010, MAITI refurbished the common room of "our" shelter  with furniture, pillows, books, painting and drawing material, games, etc. This was made possible by the donations collected in our special pre-holiday events. 

With the help of donations received, MAITI has produced a picture-based documentation about the trafficking of girls in Nepal, as well opportunies for refuge and help. This picture-based material is necessary in a country where 70% of girls –our target audience, of course– are illiterate. 

pro filia helped finance travel expenses for a Nepalese girl and a carer to Mumbai in January. The girl – who had been rescued by MAITI from an Indian brothel – was able to testify at the trial of a human trafficker.

We are planning to continue improvements to the infrastructure of the shelter, as well as an extension of psycho-social resources in the care of traumatized girls. 

In April 2010, and after we have received the contractually agreed progress reports and financial documentation from MAITI, the next intallment of support for the shelter in Bhairahawa is due. As MAITI has been forced to close other shelters for lack of funding, it is our goal fully to finance the shelter in Bhairahawa (and to do so as soon as possible). That way, the work done by the shelter will be secured. Given the donations received in the past two months, we are in a position in April to double the agreed sum for the next six months. This will provide funds sufficient to cover two thirds of the overall cost for that period of time. 

The executive committee and the director of pro filia are very grateful to all those who donated – they have made all these activies possible!

What next at pro filia?

Coming soon:

On Saturday, 20.3.2010, at 7pm in the restaurant Delhi "Taste of India" (the owner is Nepalese!) in Münster we are hosting a Doppelkopf tournament. All profits are donated to pro filia. Please contact me if you are interested in participating (Mail: HYPERLINK "" oder Tel. 0251 1620856).

We are planning to hold a benefit party in the evening of 30.10.2010. All profits will be used in support of Nepalese girls. More detailed information concerning the event follows in the next report. 

Public lecture
We are getting together material for a talk focusing on the following topics: the living conditions of girls in Nepal; their constitutional and legal position; trafficking to Indian brothels; the introduction of our organization and its aid projects in Bhairahawa. Accompanying the talk will be short readings from Patricia McCormick‘s book "Sold", as well as an exhibition of fotos of our shelter at the Nepalese border and of the work which takes place there. 

This lecture will be available for presentation in different venues. 

Newspaper articles
We are making contact with various newspaper and magazine editors, to promote public awareness of our work. 

Contacting the German publisher of "Sold" by Patricia McCormick
This book (in German translation) was awared the Gustav-Heinemann-Friedenspreis for young adults in 2009. The book describes the life of a Nepalese girl who is sold into an Indian brothel. We have contacted the S.Fischer-Verlag in order to obtain some free copies for our members and supporters. The book would allow those interested to gain a deeper understanding of the plight faced by girls in Nepal.

Publicity material:

Insert page with description of project "shelter"
The insert page for our general pro filia-Flyer, which contains a detailed description of the shelter in Bhairahawa (on the Indian border) is being printed and will subsequently be distributed.

A company has sponsored a very large and striking pro filia banner to be used for public presentations and performances. The banner shows the first page of our flyer and can be set up anywhere in a few easy steps.

At present pro filia has only a temporary website. In consultation with our graphic designer we are now starting construction of a more extensive and more permanent website. More about this in the next progress report. 

What‘s next?
Our next goals:
— To assist the work at the shelter in Bhairahawa, in particular to provide financial support
— To increase pro filia’s funding share of the shelter, since it is not clear MAITI will be able to cover its running costs in future
— To refurbish the shelter's common room for girls and young women, so they feel comfortable and can begin to develop their own activities 
— To provide girls with opportunities for vocational training and setting up a small business
— To raise public awareness and understanding of the desperate situation in which girls and young women find themselves in Nepal
— To increase membership, donations and help from others so as to achieve these goals 
— To develop our website (as described above) and present regularly up-dated information about the status of our projects in Nepal 

Next progress report:
I will provide the next report in the second quarter of 2010!

8.2.2010 Johanne Feldkamp