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Shelter home in Bhairahawa
Shelter home in Bhairahawa
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Shelter home in Pashupatinagar

Shelter homes for Nepalese girls

Since November of 2009 pro filia has joined MAITI to fund shelter homes directly at the Nepalese border. MAITI has already established these transit homes at 10 border check points into India and thus has been able to save around 10 000 girls in the past 14 years from crossing into India and into sexual slavery in a brothel.

The transit home in Bhairawaha was about to be closed due to lack of funds. Here, pro filia became involved in November 2009 and guaranteed partial funding. Meanwhile MAITI found new supporters for this transit home and pro filia reduced its own share thus absorbing the costs for the shelter in Pashupatinagar at the border into Darjeeling. In the shelter homes, the potential victims learn to develop a life perspective which is as independent as possible. But also girls who are ill or broken after being freed from Indian brothels, find shelter and support here.

The transit homes are very safe and protected by a guard. This gives traumatised girls a sense of security in an extremely painful life situation, allowing them to find rest and, gradually, to heal. The girls receive medical and psychological help as well; and together with the shelter's staff they plan their next steps in life: will parents welcome a daughter back into the home? Unfortunately, in most cases they will not! Does the girl in question need a spell in hospital, basic education or vocational training? Does she want a small bit of credit to start her own business? Time and again, girls refuse to accept the offers, leave the shelter on their own and prostitute themselves again. However, many girls grasp the opportunity and are transferred to continuing assistance.

Since 1.11.2009, pro filia has supported a shelter home for Nepalese girls who were sold or are in danger of being sold into Indian brothels. On this photo, you can see the transit home in Pashupatinagar at the Indian crossing into Darjeeling which currently pro filia is funding in full! Shelter homes are offered to girls in danger directly by border guards as refuge in our shelter before they cross the border. The border guards themselves often have been trafficked and know what they are talking about. But also girls freed from Indian brothels and returning home, are given support here. All of them are given shelter, food, medical and psychological support.

On-going support is given as well. Staff members of the shelter home send traumatized girls, if they wish, to a rehabilitation home run by MAITI Nepal. Here, they are nursed back to health, they start school or vocational training or will be given a micro credit to become self-employed and start a small business.
Deadly ill girls are nursed for the rest of their lives in a hospice run by MAITI.