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The first PC training
The first PC training

The IT project

At our meeting with MAITI in November 2013, we discussed the options we can offer the young women after termination of their IT training to make it possible for them to earn a living of their own. A few participants expressed  their desire to set up an own little company such as a typing office.

On the courageous path to this objective, the young women need financial and logistical support for the start-up period. It was now agreed with MAITI to set up 1 IT center each at 20 locations in the Ilam (Pashupatinagar) district occupied with 2 young women having concluded the training. For this purpose, locations will be selected where this type of service is not being offered yet. In addition to computers, also copying machine shall be set up. Besides these services, also information on girls trafficking and ways of protection will be provided.

By acquiring IT competencies and with this information, additional girls – besides the workplaces for the young women trained on the PCs - shall be immunized against the tempting promises of job offers in, e.g. India.  In 2014, pro filia transfers funds for start-up financing of five typing offices which met with positive response after their installation. In 2015, fifteen additional typing offices shall be installed.